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General Knowledge
*Module one (40 credit hours)

Dynamics of commercial motor vehicles, Driving safely, vehicle inspection, basic control of your vehicle, seeing, communicating, driving in winter (video), driving in very hot weather (video), railroad crossing, mountain driving, seeing hazards, emergencies, skid control and recovery, accident procedures, fires, staying alert and fit to drive, hazardous materials rules for all commercial drivers, transporting cargo safely, inspecting cargo, weight and balance, securing cargo, other cargo needing special attention.
Air brakes-its functional parts, dual air brake, inspecting air brakes systems, using air brakes, in cab operations. Combination or towing of one, two or three trailers, inspecting a combination vehicle (some video viewing required).

Driver qualification requirements. (DMV Handbook Section 1) The Federal rules on medical certification, medical examination procedures, and general qualifications, responsabilities, and disqualifications based on various offenses, orders, and loss of driving privileges,

Hours of service of drivers. The limitations on driving hours, the requirements to be off-duty for certain periods of time, record of duty status operation, and exceptions. Fatigue countermeasures as a means to avoid crashes. (Driver Fatigue Video presentation.) 

Driver Wellness. (CDL Handbook Section 2 and Video presentation).  Basic health maintenance including diet and exercise. The importance of avoiding excessive use of alcohol.

Whistleblower protection. (School Hand out material in accordance to 29 CFR part 1978) The right of an employee to question the safety practices of an employer without the employee’s risk of losing a job or being subject to reprisals simply for stating a safety concern.
Pre-Trip Inspection
*Module two (40 credit hours)

Engine compartment: Leaks/Hoses, oil level, coolant level, power steering fluid, engine compartment belts
Cab check/Engine start: Clutch/Gearshift, oil pressure gauge, temperature gauge, ammeter/voltmeter, mirrors and windshield, emergency equipment, steering play, wiper Combination or towing of one, two or s/washers, lighting indicators,horn, heather/defroster, parking brake check, hydraulic brake check ,air brake check, safety belt .lights /reflectors, steering box/hoses, steering linkage, springs/air/torque, mounts, shock absorbers, slack adjustors, brake chambers, brake hoses/lines, drum brake, brake linings.         
Wheels: Rims, Tires, hub oil seals /axle seals, lug nuts, spacers, doors(s)/mirror(s), fuel tank, battery/box ,drive shaft, exhaust system ,frame, splash guards, doors/ties/lifts, air/electric lines ,catwalk, mounting bolts, locking jaws, platform(fifth wheel), release arm(fifth wheel) ,kingpin/apron/gap, locking pins(fifth wheel)

Basic Skills
*Module three (40 credit hours) Basic Skills

*Intensive Maneuvering of the rig performing movements forward/reverse, Off set backing, alley dock parking, Parallel Park, right or left.

On road Driving
*Module four (40 credit hours)

* You will learn to drive on a variety of traffic situations up and down shifting with standard transmission (10 speed) using clutch in single, and double action, road control, speed management, hill grading, trailer engagement, tankers, hazardous materials(video), passengers(video), drug abuse, weather and space management(video), fatigue(video), rage and logging

NOTE: We are a drug free institution.  The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires
a drug test at the time of admission.  Random drug testing may be conducted any time
during your enrollment. Please read the material that's been given to you.
Any violation of the DOT stipulation is a violation to this contract.
Medical and drug test are to be paid by student.