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Welcome to our page, we thank you for your curiosity or
interest in our operating small family of professionals.

Every one of us understands that thanks to our students we
are a school that has progress through the years. We simply
advertise through the recommendation of the alumni. We make
ourselves available to our students during the time they strive to
learn the skills they are searching for.

We are an open door facility. Classes start or are made
available as soon as the student enrolls. The student will not
compete with other students and the time is open for his/her
learning pace.

Harold Giron
President and Administrator
Islena Giron
Vice President and General Manager of Shool
Elizabeth Hernandez
Team Leader for Support Staff
Islena Marie Giron
Executive Director
Joseph  (Rocky) Lombardo
CDL Lead Instructor
Haley Morales
Roberto Perez
  Diesel & Auto Mechanic
President and Administrator

Is the President and Administrator.. She is from Colombia South America bi-lingual and devotes full time to the school operation. Islena is the chief instructor for the class C.
Islena Giron
Joseph (Rocky) Lombardo
Instructor and Adviser
A must talented instructor and adviser. Rocky has over 35 years of experience behind the wheel and over 2,000,000 miles experience. He has been with us for over 10 years his anecdotes and sense of humor can make your day. Rocky is also a Harley Davidson enthusiast.
Haley Morales
Our instructor is soft spoken and patient. Haley loves to teach and feel the challenge adds to his life meaning, he is never in a rush and feels time is valuable when interest and dedication are in the mind of his students
Roberto Perez
Lead  Diesel & Auto Mechanic
Has been working as our lead  diesel & auto mechanic since 2003, he is form chicago Illinois and has under his belt 27 years of expierence,he is CDL mechanical licensed inspector.